Arrey Cemetery(Sec 11/T17S-RSW, Garfield Quad.) cemetery located NW side of town
unnamed Cemetery(Sec 24/T17S-R5W, Garfield Quad) cemetery 2½ mi S of Arrey on NM 187
Battle of Las Animas Canyon(see Massacre Canyon Cemetery)
Butte Cemetery(T13N-R3W, Elephant Butte Quad) S end of Elephant Butte Lake
(NMG, Vol XII, N°. 4, Dec 1970, p. 70)
Caballo Cemetery(Sec 25/T15S-R5W, Caballo Quad) 12 mi S of T or C on NM 187
Chiz (Chise) Cemetery(Sec 7/T15S-R8W, Chise Quad) 24 mi NW of T or C
Chloride Area Cemetery(Sec 20/T11S-R5W, Winston Quad) 1 mi W of Winstion
Mountian View CemeteryCCSC, p. 27-35
Santo Niño CemeteryCCSC, p. 36-37
Cuchillo Cemetery(Sec 27/T12S-R5W, Cuchillo Quad) 8 mi W I-25 on NM 52
Cutter Cemetery(Sec 21/T14S-R2W, Cutter Quad) abt. 15 mi SE of T or C near AT&SF railroad
Dines Ranch Cemetery(Private Cemetery)
Elephant Butte CemeteryCCSC, p. 50
Eagle Cemetery(T13S-R2W, Eagle Quad) 16 mi E of T or C on NM 51
Eagle Cemetery(T13S-R2W, Eagle Quad) abt ¾ mi S of Eagle
Eugene Rhodes Cemetery(T13N-R2W, Big Gap Mountain Quad) located on WSMR
Fort McRae Cemetery(Elephant Butte Quad) located on E side of Elephant Butte Reservoir
Gold Dust Cemetery(Sec 6/T16S-R6W, Hillsboro Quad) 4 mi NE of Hillsboro
Hermosa Alamosa Cemetery(Sec 23/T13S-R9W, Sugerloaf Peak Quad) 28 mi S of T or C, 18 mi S of Winston
Hot Springs Cemetery(see Truth or Consequences)
Kingston Cemetery(Sec 18/T16N-R8W, Kingston Quad) 26 mi N of I-25 on NM 152
Lake Valley Cemetery(Sec 28/T18S-R7W, Lake Valley Quad) 15 mi S of Hillsboro
Las Alamosa Cemetery(T15S-R5W, Caballo Quad) 5 mi W of Caballo
Las Palomas Cemetery(Sec 30/T14S-R4W, Williamsburg Quad) 3 mi S of T or C on NM 187
Las Palomas Creek Family Cemeteries  (NMG, Vol XII N°. 4, Dec 1973, p. 68-70)
(T14S-R9W, Williamsburg Quad) located on Las Palomas Creek
Massacre Canyon(T14N-R9W, Victoria Peak Quad) abt 20 mi SW of Winston, located SE of Victoria Peak
Monticello Cemetery(Sec 34/T10S-R6W, Monticello Quad) 18 mi NW of I-25 on NM 142
Nunn Ranch Cemetery(P A Mountain Quad) 6 mi SW of Hillsboro
Percha City Cemetery(T15S-R8W, Kingston Quad) 4 mi N of Kingston
Placita Cemetery(Sec 2/T11S-R6W, Monticello Quad) 16 mi NW of I-25 on NM 142
San Miguel Cemetery(Sec 10/T13S-R5W, Williamsburg NW) 6 mi SW of Cuchillo
San Ignacio Cemetery(Sec 10/T13S-R5W, Williamsburg Quad) 6 mi SW of Cuchillo
Seco Creek Cemetery(Sec 16/T15S-R6W, Saladone Tank Quad) NW of Caballo on Seco Creek
Tierra Blanca Ranch Cemetery(T17S-R7E, McClede Mountian Quad) 10 mi SWof Hillsboro
T or C (Hot Springs) Cemetery(Sec 22/T13S-R4W, Elephant Butte Quad)
Visra Memory Gardens
Winston Cemetery(Winston Quad) 31 mi NW of I-25 on NM 52

There are some catalogs of Sierra Cemeteries at and at FindaGrave.